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The complex issues in today’s world require wise collaboration. 


We have deep expertise in listening to the people and relationships in complex private/public projects.  We take people on a journey of rediscovery, upleveling their capacity to adapt and grow as an organically coordinated network - what we call a Meshwork.  

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Using our four architectures framework, we diagnose the social and physical factors of the project and also the subtle energetic and cosmic indicators of health of the collective.  


We gently, yet clearly, make visible and heard the unspoken and unacknowledged.  We free up energy in people to contribute their true role in the health of the system.  New possibilities open up when trust has been restored and love enters the playing field.  Sustainable solutions arise. 


Our graphic facilitation services harvest the fruits of the journey, making the invisible visible, suddenly the impossible becomes possible.  

Our core competency is upleveling collectives to higher orders of collaboration and impact

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Our process, based on Theory U, informed by Spiral Dynamics and with careful sensing and inquiry into the field opens and energizes hearts and minds to contribute their best. Solutions come from within and create lasting states of health and wellbeing.

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