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Many brilliant pioneers, visionaries, researchers and activists around the world are working towards systemic shifts in the way the world is governed, from separate and destructive, to generative and unified.

Weaving coherence between these inspired actors is a key action for success for the global movement.

In partnership with the Institute for Integral Studies, Life Itself, Emerge and Ekskaret, THC is engaging in an Erasmus+ funded project to enhance the learning capacity of our field, to create a 'community of coherence', that can have significant impact as a whole while each contributing their part.  We mean leveling up from a community of practice who share resources and support eachother in their field, to a next level of system changing collective impact.

We are mapping the field capacities, researching what it takes to create a coherent field for transformation among dispersed actors with shared vision but little time to manage complex collaboration.   We are facilitating and guiding conscious transformation processes such as World Unity Week, Peace Week, the Holomovement and Conscious AI inquiries.  


We are partnering and participating in the many emerging systems change efforts: The Peace Game, the EARTHwise game, SEEDs DOA creation, EcoGovernance, TEEMing UP, with the intention to weave, connect and amplify each as an individual effort, as flowers in the field, and the overall impact of the whole as a maturing eco-system.  


We are creating tools and resources to help the field develop the capacity for distributed intelligence and decision making, collective action and impactful voice for change in society.  We will be creating learning journies for organizations and individuals to practice the skills and capacities of effective massive, distributed collaboration. 

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