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Amplify Each Other's Light

Get paid doing what you love with nervous system and community support.

LAUNCHING YOU!   Registration 2024 is officially open! Click to go directly

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Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality?  Have you ever longed to uncover and pursue your true passion but felt overwhelmed or hesitant to take the leap? 


Whether you know what you want to bring forward, or you want to discover your north star, 

  we are the community you've been longing for.  


We will support and uplift one another to amplify your brilliance and bring forth your best work.  No more going it alone.  We welcome you.

Putting the FUN in sales Funnel
Putting the FUN in sales Funnel
Apr 16, 2024, 9:00 PM
Amplify ZOOM room

Get in Touch

We would love to talk to you personally to see if Amplify Eachother's Light community and  course is right for you. 

Join our community calls Tuesdays noon California, 3pm New York, 9pm Paris

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Thanks, we'll get in touch by email to arrange a call.

Hands Up

Our Story

We are a group of evolutionary 'sisters', embracing Passion, Purpose and Prosperity. 

We have been connected and supporting each other since 2013 to heal, shine and bust through inner glass ceilings.  We have noticed that many of our conscious, intelligent beautiful friends are leaving their core spiritual and artistic gifts behind working at mundane jobs to earn money. Or they shy away from making money at all, and are not thriving to their fullest.  We also noticed that many online spiritual courses help us connect to our vision and purpose, however,  they don't connect us to an income, and many business courses are disconnected from heart and soul support. 


This course that we are offering puts the two together, sister support to get clear on your passion, your purpose and vision, AND provides learning and guidance to launch an offering making money doing what you love. It includes the coaching and community support for you and your nervous system as we navigate through the triggers when things get tough, as they do!

We believe that so much is possible when we open to help, support each other and go all the way for our dreams.  We want to support and watch you thrive doing what you love, because the transformation the world needs now is burning in all of our hearts and will come forward through us!   So come, bring your bliss with boldness and bring on the bling!

We were honoured to be on the Awakening World in October 2023.

Meet The Team


We are a group of Evolutionary Sisters: Embracing Passion, Purpose and Prosperity.

The goal of this course is to make it fun and easy to launch your paid offering. 

Each month we learn and do one step of the 6 step process of launching a successful offer.   We are all on zoom together live.  Coaching and support are given in the context of uplifting  you to complete each step.

The first Tuesday of each month is the teaching content session and in the following weeks we offer commuity calls and coaching to support you to complete that step.  Every last week of the month is a group coaching session.  Additional individual support sessions can be purchased as needed with the coach best suited for your needs at the time.  Ask for help, make it simple, never give up!   Ask for more help, make it simpler, never give up!

With these three key pillars, you can build the foundations for your dreams as you live the magic that is uniquely you!

Welcome get to know each other and lean into the course

Practicing nervous system support to get past fear and blocks

Nurturing a healthy relationship with Money

The Prototyping Mindset

Tuning into your greater purpose and contribution



This is going to be AWESOME!!

Women looking at merchandise

Understand your Audience

Get feedback from your audience on your offer and price

Complete your Offer Template

The world is yearning for you to do what you love!



Leaf Pattern Design
A young woman talking on the radio

Sales FUN-nel  for authentic, conscious marketing through

relationship building and offering value to those who want it.

Simple Online presence - Learn to use Facebook (Beginner) 

and/or Wix (Advanced)

Create a registration and payment structure online

Paypal (Beginner)  Wix (Advanced)

   They NEED you! 



Dance Show

Find a channel to your audience

Make your offer to your audience

Schedule/do info sessions, discovery calls

Ask!   For money... for doing what you love! 

   They want to get to know you! 




White Structure
Aerial Yoga

Give your service, receive payment!

Attend each others' offers, give payment

Lots of Coaching! 

It is okay if you do not fully launch an offering after 6 months.

As long as you feel supported and clear along your soul path

you can be proud of your process.

   You CAN do it! 



Women at Fancy Lunch

Reflections on results and process

Accounting and taxes workshop

Celebrations and awards

Next Steps ?

   You DID it!
What did we learn?  



   Program Schedule

The Core program is on Tuesdays at 3pm New York Time  (noon Pacific, 9pm Paris) on Zoom.

The classes will be recorded and shared to your email, but coming in person will be most beneficial.


Tuesdays at 3pm New York Time

Each month will repeat the basic schedule

1st Tuesday - Introducing each module

2nd Tuesday - Community Call

3rd Tuesday - Review and integration of the module, group coaching

4th Tuedsay - Community Call


As the schedule adapts to the needs of the participants,

the shared calendar displayed below will be updated.


   Program Calendar

Window Shopping

Let's talk Money

In this program we guide you to have a breakthrough with your relationship to money and abundance giving your spiritual and artistic gifts in bigger ways!


For this beta version of our program your feedback and participation is helping us build the course, so a small community membership fee of 36 Euros per month for 6 months is all we ask for your financial commitment.  We know similar courses cost 5K or more and will be raising our prices each year as we get established.  

Community membership gets you the course materials and community hour every Tuesday at 3pm Est.

The premium coaching package gets you the course, community and 1 on 1 coaching once per month.

We will encourage the community to attend a few of the offers of other participants in the group to get the money door open and flowing for each other.  So remember to buget 100-200 euros total for that on top of the course fee, if that is feasible for you.

Our goal is that you make all the money back that you invested in this course and then some, by getting paid to do what you love! Setting you up for thriving!

Let's flourish together!

New members welcome!
Come to our
Tuesday 9pm CET community calls
free for one month

click here to register


Amplify Each Other's Light

By paying you will be registered, easy!

36 Euros per month

39 US dollars per month

Payments will be processed through our Canadian office.

If you need to arrange another way to pay, please contact

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