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We are evolving into a new phase of human and planetary evolution. We are discovering a deeper truth that we are one human family, profoundly interconnected and interdependent as a global community.




THC is based in The Hague, The Netherlands. We have purposefully chosen this city as our (international) center, because it houses the Peace Palace and the International Court of Justice. Here the seeds have been planted for international resolution, peace development and global justice.  


The eyes of the world turn to The Hague to see how the above efforts are evolving. Can we bring people together to enable international agreements and boundaries that are in alignment with wise governance and integral leadership? 


In order for humanity to move to its next evolutionary stage, it is important to adjust values that are rooted in separation. How can we re-align ourselves and our organizations towards values that create unity and harmony instead?

We are facing an important global question: What new forms of governance are necessary to respond to the complexity of today’s challenges which includes Earth and our social systems?

How can we include a vast diversity of people, organizations and countries worldwide? What are the new ways of collaborating and co-creating?


THC is continuously exploring possibilities for building wiser governance in these times of change.

Will a globally self-organized civilization emerge in harmony with Life and Love?




We share our planet, work environment and our social facilities. However we do not necessarily share the same ideals, world views and value systems. Interests and beliefs can be opposed to one another. It makes THC question how we can work with the opposites, respect the differences as well as collaborate and bridge for the greater good?



THC addresses core interests and value systems while focusing on synergy, strategic connecting and co-creation. We partner with national and international organizations, bridging and aligning partner-interests as well as our own.



Understanding and acknowledging opposing truths and perspectives while finding what unites and gives common ground is an important skill for decision making and governing organizations, cities and groups worldwide.



We will be increasingly confronted with complex situations that benefit from co-creative processes that allow for emergence. Emergence gives space to unforeseen opportunities and outcomes, not-knowing and adaptive capacities, addressing the full potential of what is possible.



THC values intuition, imagination, creativity and innovation. We collaborate and co-create with others in developing and expressing new ways of being and leading. We can entertain large visions, while we support others in holding their own. 


We aim to foster awareness around our cultural diversity, differences in social and educational background and value systems, while inviting everyone to offer their unique perspective and to remain open to those of others. 


THC designs processes that combine a diverse set of tools to foster constructive dialogues and co-creation. We use various social and energetic technologies to enable large groups of people to effectively interact with collective intelligence and interconnectedness.



THC has formulated core principles that are

 important guidelines for our work

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Everything we need already exists –

we function as weavers and connectors.

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We aim to align our internal mindset and culture with outer realities of organization and behavior

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We act beyond individual and organizational self-interest.  We are committed to a shared intention for a global transition to a better future.

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Humanity is native to this planet and we choose to act as suchWe learn to see and design from Nature’s craft and elegance

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We are rigorous in transferring the right knowledge to the right people to ensure integrity and transparency for all

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We acknowledge that no one owns any of the solutions we need and that it is imperative to honor people’s contributions appropriately

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There is a larger field of ‘intelligent awareness’ that knows how to navigate this transition. We make this knowing explicit and aim to act from it.

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We identify what works, amplify its contribution and aim to accelerate its implementation

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