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Love Organized

Many brilliant pioneers, visionaries, researchers and activists around the world are working towards systemic shifts in the way the world is governed, from separate and destructive, to generative and unified.

"Those who love Peace must learn to organize

as well as those who love War."  - Martin Luther King

What will it take for our movement to thrive and have the impact we so desire for the world? 

ONE World Convergences: Partnering with Unity Earth, SINE network and Four Worlds International, lovers of peace and unity gather online seasonally to share our projects and ideas, celebrate and enjoy being part of the global movement for conscious transformation.  We are developing into communities of practice and becoming a social body capable of great things!

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Deep and Rapid Transformation Convergence:

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterr-es is calling nations to up-level commitments and actions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. He said we need ‘deep and rapid transformation’ and called the Summit of the Future at the UN for Sept 22-23, 2024

The SDG thought leader circle of the Evolutionary Leaders community have taken up this charge and want to offer our robust recommondations of how to implement deep and rapid transformation using the power of a unitive narrative. A series of roundtables have been organized with leading conscious and transformative thinkers and feelers, to come up with recommendations and strategies to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. This process will culminate with a Deep and Rapid Transformation Convergence in New York in September along-side the Summit of the Future.

In this session join several core members of the SDG Deep and Rapid Transformation Roundtable committee, Joni Carley, Jude Currivan and Heidi Sparkes Guber, to explain why this work is so important to bring to the global discussion and what the future holds!

There are several themes for the round tables

Pillars for the Roundtables and Convergence are the Dimensions of the Summit of the Future
Founded on the Unitive Narrative

1.      Sustainable development and financing for development

2.      International peace and security

3.      Science, technology and innovation and digital cooperation

4.      Youth and future generations

5.      Transforming global governance

The Holomovement: Inspired by David Boem's philosophy merging scientific and spiritual understandings of the universe, you are invited into a movement of movements with a voice that can reach the mainstream.  Emanuel Kuntzelman, Laura Rose, Mariko Pits, Danette Woolpart and the Holomovement core team host an annual conference and community gatherings for thought leaders and pioneers in world changing solutions.  The Hague Center team strategially connects to changemakers and hosts the European Holon.


Gaia Hub :  Join Kara Stonehouse and partners from Gaia Commons in the Gaia Hub.  Take a co-creative journey for conscious pioneers who are working on well developed projects in transformative governance and economics. 

We are honoured to present at World Unity Week 2024 June 17th, 2024

and a dedicated online Systems Transformation stream at EarthStock Summit August 19th- 25th 2024 each day of the summit at 19h-21h CET. 

Love Organized Fund: We are developing a council for major gifts fundraising towards the Love Organized strategy.  If you have experience and contacts in major gifts for transformative change - please contact directly.  Experienced major gifts fundraiser and Biofield expert Dan Spinner is generously mentoring Kara in this process.

Love Organized is a vision written by Kara Stonehouse from sensing into the collective, of how to get from meta crisis to metamorphosis into a healthy, peaceful world.   It is structured as a 50 year business and governance model for massive transformation into a thriving civilization. 


THC envisions a society where change makers are empowered to build a harmonious, technologically advanced future. This vision involves providing foundational support such as basic income, eco-homes, and retirement plans to enable these individuals to focus on creating new governance and economic models. 


The plan is to establish prototype governance and financial systems within existing cities and eco-regions, demonstrating how a society centered on holistic well-being and deep spiritual wisdom can function. A globally recognized digital currency will facilitate regenerative wealth through nurturing spirit, art, ecology, community, and well-being. Education and careers will focus on personal and cultural development, providing pensions and retirement care.


The strategy is a phased approach to achieve this vision within 50 years:


Prototype Gaian Systems: Implement fully functioning systems in 3-5 cities or eco-regions, leveraging grants and donations.

Build a Supportive Network: Create small pods of global co-creators who support and strategize for the collective vision, becoming paying members.

Fund the Movement: Establish profitable businesses and impact investments to finance development and governance, starting with simple ventures and expanding to complex endeavors.

Bridge People Over: Promote the system beyond initial co-creators, working with companies to accept Gaian currency (SEEDS).

Become Mainstream: Achieve widespread adoption as people and institutions recognize the system’s superior outcomes and demand its practices.


Gaia Commons plans to leverage existing tools and concepts, requiring capital, legal, and financial expertise to scale these efforts globally.

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