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Peace Week 2023   

This Peace Week marks the end of the 99 day missions of Peace through Unity and the begining of a new cycle of connection and collaboration.  106 missions were registered! 


We are now experiencing meaningful friendship and collaboration among many game changers around the world.  We can see how we are uplifting eachothers' efforts.  There is a sense that big ideas that we have been holding for a long time as a movement, are now grounding and coming into form.

The Peace on Earth Game led by Miranda and David Gershen is flourishing world wide and the EarthWise game is looking gorgeous and worth adding your support to their crowd funding! Jon Ramer is Teeming Up with Tasmin and Harry of Brand Earth for radical collaboration exploration sessions and engaging people in Manhattan to become change leaders. Ben Bowler and Irina Morrison at Unity Earth with partner HUBCAST  are fast becoming a major media provider of the new story of us!  The Holomovement has been ignited in an epic event in Sedona and is now finding its grounded structure. 

At Peace Week this year, Anne-Marie will be joining from Youth Island in Denmark where they are working for youth to have a real voice in United Nations deliberations.

Kara Stonehouse has picked up the baton as the 7th Generation ceremony co-creator with Ale and Rodrigo, the younger members of the Bridging Continents on-going inquiry and ceremony process with Chief Phil Lane Jr.  and amazing team.

Kara will also be presenting about our upcoming Amplify Each Others' Light Program.

Haseena Patel is again stewarding the Humanity as Organism Thrives convergnece room

Living Cities Earth co-founders have stepped up to transform the Meshworking Cities and Eco Villages room.

So much more than talking heads, we are activating hearts and possibilities.  We are the new Earth Rising, we are one and we are having fun!

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The purpose of World Unity Week is to build connection and visibility of the conscious evolutionaries.  So we can find each other around the world and begin to amplify and co-create peace on Earth by 2030. 

You can find the full program at

The Hague Center is showing up in many ways


This online convergence of hundreds of peace builders and change agents around the world creates a space for global connection and nourishment. These convergences continue throughout the year at the changing of the seasons with Peace Weeknd in September, Enlightening our Way in December and Beloved Community in early Spring.  They energize an active community who are synergizing their efforts into a Journey of the Magic Canoe, where we can all paddle together to get us to ONE WORLD, where our governance, education, healthcare and businesses are all aligned with the thriving of all people and all life.  We have committed to this practice until 2030.  The mission is to see a sustainably peaceful world emerging.  


We work closely with UNITY EARTH, Purpose Earth and the SINE network to co-produce World Unity Week which attracts millions of views on social media and brings together approximately 600 globally diverse co-creators to offer hundreds of free events.  As part of the generous space we hold, we raise funds for Purpose Earth to support on the ground initiatives making significant change for peace, justice and sustainability. The conversations and ideas shared in these convergences are the sparks of the global fire we are tending. We see glimmers of the future we are capable of building together. 

If you would like to become a ‘golden thread’ sponsor of World Unity Week please contact

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is a core contributor and strategic connector in this project.  Kara Stonehouse works as a meshworker and graphic facilitator.  Diana Claire, Pieter, Shweta, Anita and Natascha and Marianne contribute and participate.


The Hague Center for Global Governance is co-producer of World Unity Week

With Unity Earth, SINE network and Purpose Earth.

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