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Amplifying Thriving with the Energy of Money...

My colleague Haseena just asked me, "If you could wave a magic wand this week, what would you have happen?"

I answered, "When our Amplify Eachothers' Light team goes on The Awakening World this week, it goes really well.... and 12 people sign up?! " I noticed the 'goes really well' part felt good and bright and I could picture it and feel the event going really well. Then the '12 people sign up' part was shy and constricted, I said it quickly and shyly. My shoulders went up and my head went down. I didn't really believe 12 people would magically sign up.

Sarah McCrum, celebrated author and trainer on the Energy of Money, plays a game with us called the Money Gods. You make a request, and the Money Gods mirror back the energy you are actually requesting. I feel the money gods would have said,

"Yes, the event will go really well, and two people will sign up." Maybe that is realistic. Tt is what I actually saw and believed in the moment.

I also want to make sure I am setting up my energy transmission and body language for the best possible outcome. When I talk about the course and invite people to join and pay, imagine they share my joy and excitement of the six of us evolutionary sisters working together to create this course and community. Imagine listener to feel the uplift that we are already experiencing, and feel safe and held in our care. I hear my voice and see my body language exuding the potential and power of what we are offering.

People feel drawn to go deeper with us. This presence is what Sarah McCrum has mastered. We are elated that she will be our special guest trainer on October 24th!!

The 'selling' part is so scary and old patterns get in the way. Nobody is going to come to my party, is a sad old wound from my teen years. We organized a 1:1 call with a potential particiapant to practice and model a discovery call that helps someone decide if they will join the course and pay. I accidentally didn't show up for the call! My colleagues were confused and disapointed because I am usually so capable and moving things forward. This is my 'not good enough' sabotage pattern that comes up when I get close to being sucessfull in my purpose. I forget to show up for an important call. It even happened when meeting with Sarah McCrum to invte her to the program. I was just sick. But I managed to appologize and share my pattern story and rebook the calls.

This sub-conscious part of myself is where I have to continue to do my homework. I can apply what I learned in Feminine Power with Dr. Claire Zammit. I can visit the younger version of myself who decided I am no good and give her care and love. I tell her "You are good enough for God, and good enough for me, just as you are."

I relax the pattern of trying to do too much to prove how good I am and then slipping up because I am over committed and need more quiet time and family time. Sound familar? Do old patterns creep up on you too when it counts the most!? This is where the nervous system support and Feminine Power coaching come into the course to help us feel safe in the process of becoming visible and streching our comfort zones with money and purpose.

So what is my next step? I will set a much more open and confident intention. I will relax into the joy of the sisterhood and and growth we are experiencing together. Relax into the knowing that we are skilled enough to host this transformative journey and it will be very valuable to people. I will slow down, and speak slowly from my heart. I will relax into knowing that my compasionate sisters have my back, even when I make a big mistake, we can recover together. This is all the difference between me concluding I am just not good enough or me brushing myself off, giving myself compassion, and continuing on with the next steps.

I have distilled the keys of thriving in your purpose in a simple mantra...

Ask for help, make it simple, never give up.

"Dear Money Gods, I can see and feel our event going really well. I see us attracting 12 evolutionary women to our program by October 10th, 2023.

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