The Hague Center offers four core, interdependent services:


  • transition events
  • transition infrastructure
  • transition intelligence
  • transition training

Transition events
 are designed specifically to enable the relevant players to align behind a shared purpose, develop a shared understanding of what they need to work on together, and put in place the human and technological conditions for effective collaborative action. They include international events, as well as national and local events. They share a design template, and are supported by the online transition infrastructure. The provision of transition events is lead by CHE Synnervate.

01The transition infrastructure is composed of online technologies to support collaboration, knowledge sharing, monitoring and implementation. It enables anyone working on the transition to find the people they need to support them in their work, the knowledge that already exists in the area they are working in, and an overview of progress in their specific or related domains. It helps people and organisations to see the specific role they have to play in the context of the bigger whole, and makes them visible in that role to others working on the transition. The provision of the transition infrastructure is lead by Gaiasoft International Ltd.

Transition intelligence is the gathering and use of systemic intelligence to inform focus and priorities in topic, location and role dimensions. This includes foresight, working for example with scenarios, and strategic intelligence for firstly monitoring & reporting on the cross-fertilization arising from transition activities and secondly regularly upgrading our intelligence on any task-critical factors related to our ability to achieve the transition goals. The provision of transition intelligence is lead by Asian Foresight Institute.

Transition Training is learning and training support to enable all those involved in the global transition to develop the qualities and competencies that they need to be effective in their role. The School of Social Alchemy  identifies the best providers available for the different transition capacities in the locations closest to you. The provision of transition training is lead by School of Social Alchemy