Anne-Marie Voorhoeve
founder, director and strategic connector of the Hague Center.

Anne-Marie is a strategist, social alchemist, social architect, innovative co-creator, experienced facilitator and expert in meshworking. She focuses on integral transformation of society into a sustainable world. International experience with communities, businesses, networks, organizations, technology providers, groups of politicians, NGOs. She enjoys designing and supporting complex multi-stakeholder projects that commit to meaningful and ambitious goals, eg. The Offices of the Future development with the Wheel of Co Creation.

Certified in spiral dynamics integral, Art of Hosting, SQ21 spiritual intelligence.
Chief Creative Director for the International Club of Budapest (COB) and president of COB Netherlands.
Core team member of Integral City Meshworks Ltd. and founder – partner of Integral City Netherlands.
Facilitator of Gaiasoft Ltd. Recipient of the Luxembourg Peace Prize.

Mona Rabie
Collaboration facilitator

Mona is a Peace & Unity Facilitator focused on the transformation of individuals and communities to reach their unique potential and find shared ground to unite in co-creating a shared inspirational future. She has facilitated collaboration and alignment of shared vision for companies, NGOs and movements across many industries in over 40 countries. She designs and creates interactive experiences, simulations, and platforms for organizations and communities to manage transformative processes in an engaging and powerful way. She has worked with youth movements and communities in post-revolutionary Egypt to align them in shared vision and strategy and also with groups in Israel/Palestine to unify their voices and strategies into more cohesive and stronger networks for change. Her passion is in raising the consciousness of individuals and communities by empowering them to understand and connect with their highest purpose and potential.

Anita Floris
Coach / Facilitator

Anita Floris is a trainer, facilitator and coach. Waking up and Growing up are the main driving forces in my life. My ‘coming out’ as a Zen monk in 2013 marked a turning point, the waking up was a private affair before, now it is an integral part of what I bring to the table. Offering virtual daily sits through Two Arrows Zen among others.
The expression of our waking up from the dream in our growing up is an ongoing challenge and at the same time the most natural thing in the world. Offering support to individuals and groups to evolve and ripen in our practice and our expression in balancing all aspects, intuition, emotional or shadowwork, fysical and rational an interpersonal
From waking up from the dream to not having the dream turn into a nightmare!
My growth evolved from my life experience and work in child protection, the last decades with unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. The collective growth in different cultures, the individual growth and challenges, the pain that that brings and how that pain points to our gateway to Big Heart. In one sentence that contains all of the many layers and intricate patterns that we weave together and is such a joy to experience, live and a challenge to our Showing up.

Diana Claire Douglas
Systemic constellation work

Diana Claire Douglas, Systemic facilitator, coach and consultant, (for individuals, families, organizations, and the collective), founder of Knowing Field Designs: Aligning Human Systems with Life, social architect, artist and author. She is the lead facilitator of Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) on the international core teams of The Hague Centre and Integral City, where systemic design processes are used regularly for decision-making, designing creative projects, and team building. She is participating in the evolution of a new branch of SCW — which she calls Constellating for the Collective— through facilitating monthly gatherings, retreats, workshops, on-line sessions and presenting at international conferences. She, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve from THC and colleagues have been co-creating the research and real-world implementation of The Conscious Witness Project. Her work in the constellation field is published in The Knowing Field International Journal, the Integral Leadership Review, and included as chapters in two books.

Underlying all she does is her purpose: attuning to the Sacred, to participate in the movements for humanity to be in its rightful place in relationship with All-Life. She loves to ask big questions (such as: What is Conscious Dying? And What is the Imagination, really? And What is Humanity’s place in the flow of Life?) She allows these questions to be her guide on her journey leading to her researching, reporting and publishing what she discovers on the way.

Her work with complex systems that serves a city or cities was recognized by Integral City awarding her the “Meshworker of the Year” Award, 2018.

Kara Stonehouse
Graphic facilitator

Kara Stonehouse is a masterful graphic recorder and strategic visual thinking facilitator for government departments, professional and academic institutions and non-profits in Canada and around the world.  Kara earned a Bachelor’s of Industrial Design and a MSc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Blekinge Hogskola Teknika in Sweden. Kara was Executive Director for Tucker House Renewal Centre for five years, raising over 800 K of funding for visionary programs and infrastructure development. She is founder of Aha! Graphic Facilitation and author/illustrator of I Can Draw! and I Can Draw Live! workbooks. Kara is passionate about system level change and hosting diverse stakeholders to engage in impactful projects such as Ottawa Energy Collective Impact. Kara joyfully invites us to discover our creative side to complement our analytical thinking and find insightful solutions.

Pieter Wackers
Pattern developer

Pieter trained as a visual artist, focusing on public space, and often works in the area where visual art, design, and urbanism meet. He has over 10 years of experience in editing, directing and filming videos, and is now applying that experience to integrating video in social architecture. One of his main interests is the future of cities, or the cities of the future. With team Innergy he won the architecture competition ‘Energetic City 2050’ with a design for the city of Arnhem in the year 2050. Currently, Pieter is a member of the core team of Integral City, and the Integral City team in the Netherlands. He is also a member of the international Projects Office of the Club of Budapest, and is studying to become an ECOintention practitioner.


Marianne de Jager
Board member and pragmatist with business background

Understanding and experiencing what lies beyond my thinking and how consciousness and perspective impact my actions is the red thread in my work and life. From the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in NYCity to IBM in Amsterdam and in between, this curiosity is leading in my personal and professional development. My mission becomes the discovery and embodiment of integral and holistic perspective also in the business context.

I enjoyed and still love the international scene and relationships, as well as the dynamics of the joint creation of projects and solutions.  My work evolves from secretary in the UNDP to client executive in the financial services sector and later to senior consultant for evolutionary change in IBM. My work as change agent in the corporate environment is challenging and rewarding.

My integral practice includes ECOintention, a cutting-edge, technology-free way of healing life- and ecosystems from a distance. This practice applies the ten Principles of Energetic Guardianship, operating on a small or a large scale, showing how to energetically charge, support and guide the life-systems and ecosystems that are in our care. This 4-year vocational training is a beautiful and practical add-on to my portfolio of skills.

I presently work independently in the co- creation of conscious organisations. I am happy to contribute to the mission of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence in co-creating a world where we can all thrive.

Natascha van den Ban
Carekeeper of Earth, System Thinker and Coaching Teacher

Natascha, originally a landscape architect, lives to serve planet Earth. In collaboration with multiple stakeholders, she designs and realizes healthy public spaces for humans, plants and animals. Educating others part of her time, is a strategic contribution to support the growth of ecological intelligence and a regenerative world. From the heart, she has taught hundreds of students and developed new and innovative curriculum at master, bachelor and secondary vocational education levels.

Being committed to co-create with Earth, supporting real change from the inside of sustainability, she has also become proficient in intuitive development, working with life energy. She is a certified ECOintention Practioner, core team member and teacher at the Center for ECOintention. She communicates with Gaia, mirroring and bridging worlds, helping others to connect. She served The Hague Center in its energetic architecture in 2018 and joined the core team in 2019. Since 2020 she is part of the core team of the Ecological Society Netherlands.

Dr Don Beck
Senior advisor on Meshworking

Peter Merry

Morel Fourman
CEO of Gaiasoft International Ltd
Strategic partner who specialise in the design and delivery of online collaboration systems

Prof Dr Richard David Hames
Associate and provides expertise on foresight and strategy

Barrett Brown
Associate and provides expertise on sustainable supply chains

Helen Titchen-Beeth
Associate and provides expertise in documentation and communication