Working on and in a world in transition

Meshwork essay by Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Collaboration 3.0

  • Do you want to build resilient teams, partnerships and organizations that create innovation?
  • Are you dealing with complex issues, with various stakeholders, including government, non-profit organizations, volunteers, and companies?
  • Are you longing for a focus on a common goal?
  • Has your network evolved into a community of practice and do you believe it could be even more creative, effective and innovating?
  • Does utilizing talents inspire you?
  • Are coincidences meaningful to you?
  • Would you like to contribute to concrete solutions with more efficiency and greater ease and pleasure?

Meshworking offers you that!

Meshworking is a collaborative practice in creating radically more effective partnerships to develop systemic solutions for the global challenges humanity currently faces.

Meshworks is introduced by Dr. Don Beck, CHE Global. Meshworking requires a diversity of experience and quality, as in change management, project management, working with different cultures and value systems, building and nurturing networks and support base, communication, hosting and energy.

MeshWORKS article by Don Beck

Meshworks was further developed by THC – then under the umbrella of the Center for Human Emergence NL – and Gaiasoft.

The Hague Center exists to help align necessary resources for the current human and planetary transition. This transition is, in its essence, about moving from separation and polarisation, towards coherence and complementarity. This same transition is playing itself out across all sectors – ecology, economy, and governance, to name a few key ones.

In order to support humanity’s efforts to engage in this transition as effectively as possible, the Hague Center offers knowledge and practice in the how of major transitions. We believe that nearly all the content solutions that we need to make the transition already exist. Our challenge lies now in the process of getting appropriate solutions implemented as rapidly and effectively as possible.