The Hague Center was an active participant in the 5th annual

Global Oneness Day

on October 24th 2014

Global oneness day is an earth day for an awakened humanity, exploring the implications of living as one family in the divine.
A day to bring inspiration, learning celebration and rally to Oneness.

Speakers will be a.o. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ervin Laszlo, Marianne Williamson, Ken Wilber.
Visit the Global Oneness Day website here

In the 12 months preceding Global Oneness Day the Mexican team of The Hague Center has collaborated with the Foundation for Conscious Evolution,  ‘Encuentro Mundial de Valores’  and the citizens of Monterrey, Mexico to prepare, cocreate and manifest their unique contribution to the event.
The program is a social transformation project intended to catalyze a global movement to transition our communities and ultimately our world towards social systems aligned with universal values that can bring unity and harmony to humanity and serve the flourishing of all life.
Keyspeakers Barbara Marx Hubbard (the Wheel of Co-creation) and Juan Carlos Kaiten (The Hague Center) called in live from Monterrey, as they were facilitating the Wheel of Co-creation at the event.

For more information on Global Oneness Day click here


2020 Climate Leadership Campaign
The Hague Center has been at the core of the 2020 Campaign since its inception. We helped to facilitate the core group, as well as design and facilitate the launch of the campaign in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in August 2009. The Hague Center provided the 2020 Climate Solutions Meshwork at the Copenhagen COP15 event in December 2009. We continue to develop a global infrastructure and online collaboration platform for solutions to climate change and related issues.

Current-ActivitiesMeshwork for Mothercare (MDG5)
In December 2008, the Hague Center co-designed and facilitated a meeting of Parliamentarians Take Action around Millennium Development Goal 5 (Maternal and Newborn Health). This was hosted by the Dutch Parliament, World Health Organisation and Interparliamentary Union.

Plan B
The Hague Center is supporting the establishment of a meshwork to facilitate action around Lester Brown and the Earth Policy Institute’s Plan B framework. Its purpose is to enable investors to put their funds into sustainability projects. The meshwork facilitates collaboration between investors, policy makers and project entrepreneurs, establishing a marketplace for funds to flow to projects.

IT4 Sustainability Meshwork
The Hague Center is supporting the development of a Meshwork for the IT Sector’s collaboration for sustainability. Launched on March 22nd 2010 at Logica in the Netherlands, it will be presented and further development at the 2010 World Congress on IT.

Meshworkers’ Guild
The Hague Center is engaged in supporting the first round of apprentices in the practice of meshworking. This involves a Foundation Training followed by mentorship on the job.