The mission of the Club of Budapest worldwide is to be a catalyst for the transformation to a sustainable world through:
– Promoting the emergence of planetary consciousness
– Interconnecting generations and cultures
– Integrating spirituality, science, and the arts
– Fostering learning communities worldwide

The Club of Budapest (COB) has an International Network consisting of 25 national or regional Member Clubs on 6 continents, who all in their own way work towards the mission of the Club of Budapest.

THC’s Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is Chief Creative Director of the Club of Budapest.
Together with Pieter Wackers she runs the COB Projects Office.

The COB Projects Office serves the emergent development of the COB International Network from a think tank into an action tank that combines sharing and learning with action, and helps to bring the new paradigm into form, in tangible projects and programs.

For more information, see the website of the Club of Budapest International Network.


The Club of Budapest, its Initiator Professor Ervin László, Chief Creative Director Anne-Marie Voorhoeve and Science Director Mária Sági have been awarded the Luxembourg Peace Prize 2017.

The Laureates of the Luxembourg Peace Prize 2017. On the left side: the President of the ‘Schengen Peace Foundation’ Dominicus H. Rohde, initiator of the Peace Prize, and for the Club of Budapest Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Anna Bacchia and Mária Sági.




Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Signing of the
Manifesto on the Spirit of Planetary Consciousness


The Club of Budapest Impact Program Toward 2020

At the Hungarian Academy of Science’s Conference Center in the Castle District of Budapest
on 3 and 4 December 2016

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Conference posters: