In June 2019, 47 members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle gathered to activate the next level of evolution for ourselves, our community and the world. At beautiful Sunrise Ranch, where the powerful energies of the Rocky Mountains meet the prairie, we dove together into new dimensions of synergy among us.
During a unique Facebook Live experience, titled “Sunrise on a New Day: Calling All Evolutionary Leaders.” Anne-Marie gave a tribute speech for evolutionary pioneer Don Beck, who was presented with the first Synergy Superstar Award.
The entire Facebook Live event, which was widely shared through Jon Ramer’s Synergy Impact Network (SINE), can be viewed on Facebook at



Receiving the Synergy Superstar Award on June 23rd, 2019
at Facebook Live event from Sunrise Ranch, Loveland Colorado USA

by Drs. Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, founder THC, The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence; Evolutionary Leader in the EL Circle

Dear Don,

As one of your students from the Netherlands, and a newly appointed Evolutionary Leader, I salute you for the incredible work you have done, putting Spiral Dynamics out in the world based on the work of Clare Graves, while adding your own -partly Dutch- genius. How best to describe you and your work? A Superpower Vision-Holder driven relentlessly to serve, you have seen a way for potential possibilities to manifest. You have known that as we find ways to bring balance into the world, this will co-create a unique situation where humanity can evolve… ultimately into its full potential rooted in Love.

Your gift to the world has been to develop Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi) and the body of knowledge that goes with that; Along the way you have created new professions of Spiral Wizards and Meshweavers, (some of whom now belong in the EL Circle.) You travelled the globe and showed up in all kinds of hot spots sharing very pragmatic solutions to complex problems – always looking for the simplicity beyond complexity.

Over the many years of your career, people were not always ready to receive your message and wisdom. However, be assured that you have paved the way for this to happen now in these troubled times, and I am grateful for that.

More than 64 trips you made to South Africa, travelling the country with Loraine Laubscher and team. In late May 2019 I was in South Africa, on an extraordinary tour organised by Rica Viljoen and her Mandala team. We followed in your footsteps and learned about how you and Loraine were advising Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk and their teams behind the scenes, transforming Apartheid into Democracy. Loraine shared how she so enjoyed those trips. We learned what huge contributions you both made to the process of preventing civil war – often not known nor visible to the outside world. She greets you dearly, as do your other friends in South Africa.

Profound work was done by you and Elza Maalouf in Israel and the Middle East. Using Natural Design (including SDi) to empower people, open their eyes and hearts, and offer a roadmap for development and growth that serves the opportunity for peace to arise, you have planted seeds, not knowing when they will blossom.

Know that you have informed and inspired many leaders and initiatives that continue to serve emergence. For example, through the many CHEs – Centers for Human Emergence around the world, SDi is put into practice.

SDi is also at the heart of Integral City Meshworks and Marilyn Hamilton is now in Russia, celebrating five years of the Living Cities Network. This network aspires to welcome 1,000 Living Cities soon and has already inspired more than 330 mayors. They salute you too.

There is deep gratitude expressed by Peter Merry, Lisette Schuitemaker and some 100 others for what you brought to us in the Netherlands with CHE NL and its business Synnervate. CHE NL was the incubator for many leaders and conscious, SDi-based initiatives, such as The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence, ValueMatch, Leap into Life and others.

You came to the Netherlands when our country was in turmoil in 2005 and you made it very clear that we had to stand tall, embrace our heritage and life conditions especially around water, and move from Green to explore Yellow – a huge shift from fear to trust. Next year we will celebrate our 15th anniversary!

The vision on Meshworking that you wrote in the 1990’s inspired by your stay with the Zulu’s, touched my heart and it still does. It lit the fire for THC (The Hague Center for Global Governance) and we put it into practise, finding ways to serve and co-create the emergence of heart-centered planetary governance, rooted in unity consciousness. THC also weaves in the visions of other Evolutionary Leaders like Ervin Laszlo and our beloved Barbara Marx Hubbard and her Wheel of Co-creation.

Dear Don,

As next generation SDi-ers we stand on the shoulders of Clare Graves, Chris Cowan, Don Beck.
This comes with responsibility: to build the Ark, as you say.
We are honoured to accept this responsibility and this Synergy Superstar Award can also stand for taking that on.

We celebrate you.

I wish you to deeply feel the Love and Beauty that continuously flows through Life, of which you are a cherished part.

Thank you.


Sunrise Ranch Loveland, Colorado USA, June 23, 2019
Anne-Marie Voorhoeve