Anne-Marie Voorhoeve
is founder, director and strategic connector of the Hague Center.

She is a strategist, social alchemist, social architect, innovative co-creator, experienced facilitator and expert in meshworking. She focuses on integral transformation of society into a sustainable world. International experience with communities, businesses, networks, organizations, technology providers, groups of politicians, NGOs. She enjoys designing and supporting complex multi-stakeholder projects that commit to meaningful and ambitious goals, eg. The Offices of the Future development with the Wheel of Co Creation.
Certified in spiral dynamics integral, Art of Hosting, SQ21 spiritual intelligence.

Chief Creative Director for the International Club of Budapest (COB) and president of COB Netherlands.
Core team member of Integral City Meshworks Ltd. and founder – partner of Integral City Netherlands.
Facilitator of Gaiasoft Ltd. Recipient of the Luxembourg Peace Prize.

Juan Carlos Kaiten
Collaboration architect

Mona Rabie
Collaboration facilitator

Diana Claire Douglas
Systemic constellation work

Pieter Wackers
Pattern developer

Dr Don Beck
Senior advisor on Meshworking

Peter Merry

Morel Fourman
CEO of Gaiasoft International Ltd
Strategic partner who specialise in the design and delivery of online collaboration systems

Prof Dr Richard David Hames
Associate and provides expertise on foresight and strategy

Barrett Brown
Associate and provides expertise on sustainable supply chains

Helen Titchen-Beeth
Associate and provides expertise in documentation and communication