THC founder Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, in her capacity of Chief Creative Director of the Club of Budapest, has been awarded The Luxembourg Peace Prize 2017.

The Laureates of the Luxembourg Peace Prize 2017. On the left side: the President of the ‘Schengen Peace Foundation’ Dominicus H. Rohde, initiator of the Peace Prize, and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve.

On Friday 30 June 2017, peace activists from around the world gathered at the historic European Parliament building in Luxembourg to celebrate the 2017 Luxembourg Peace Prize Laureates.

The distinguished peace makers of 2017 represent a diverse mix of Activists, Political Leaders, Business Leaders, and Artists from all corners of the globe. Guests representing 39 countries were present to hear from the Laureates.

The Luxembourg Peace Prize is the highest European acknowledgement awarded every year to persons, groups and organizations worldwide for tangible actions towards Peace.

The Prize for ‘Outstanding Peace Activists 2017’ was awarded to the Club of Budapest (COB), its initiator Professor Ervin Laszlo, Chief Creative Director Anne-Marie Voorhoeve and Science Director Mária Sági, for their work of building bridges among cultures, and for their promotion of a ‘Planetary Consciousness’ on the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’, and of supercoherence between human beings.

During the Awards Ceremony at the European Parliament Building in Luxembourg, the initiator of the COB, the world renowned scientist and systems philosopher Ervin László, presented the keynote speech via a Skype transmission, in which he underlined the fundamental role of planetary consciousness and of supercoherence for the establishment of a global society, not based on competition, but on cooperation, co-evolution, empathy and compassion. He invited everyone to join such work which the COB has been bringing forward for 20 years.

“We really and truly can, through our consciousness, change the consciousness that dominates the world. That is our chance, the opportunity we face. It is an idea whose time has come.”

The COB’s Chief Creative Director Anne-Marie Voorhoeve focused on the mission of the COB as a catalyst for the transformation to a sustainable world, through promoting the emergence of planetary consciousness, interconnecting generations and cultures, integrating spirituality science and arts, and fostering learning communities worldwide. She underlined the concrete Projects which are currently being actualized in the 24 national chapters of the COB International, towards the establishment of a global supercoherent network.

“We all have a deep sense of our belonging to this world, a deep sense of being a positive part of the evolution of the world. We can restore the divine spark in the human spirit and bring forth our innate love, compassion, wisdom, and joy to live a flourishing life.”

Mária Sági and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve accepted the award on behalf of the Club of Budapest and were joined on stage by COB members form Argentina, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.