Anne-Marie Voorhoeve Flourishing Through Coherence: Meshworking Multi-Stakeholders
This article by Anne-Marie Voorhoeve describes several cases in which she used Meshworking and the different theories and tools that play a role in this process.   –   download pdf

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve Meshwork presentation  – download pdf

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Peter Merry, Morel Fourman
Developing a roadmap and meshwork for reducing Brazil’s CO2 emissions by 80% by 2020 Case Study Meshwork In the case of the Belo Horizonte conference, the goal was to seed the development of a global human and online meshwork which can go forward to implement a radical reduction in CO2 emissions by cities, regions, countries and, ultimately worldwide. For the 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign, the bridge is for cities, regions and nations to move from their current levels of CO2 emissions to achieve an 80% reduction by 2020. The working conference started with 225 Brazilian and international experts from a wide range of relevant fields gathering in the City Hall.
This article describes the process the underlying philosophy and tools that were used and the outcome of building an international platform. – download pdf

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve Meshworking – Samenwerken aan doorbraken richting een duurzame wereld
Concept Meshworking, onderliggende concepten en toepassingen. Article in Dutch, Meshworking overview, underlying concepts and tools.  – download pdf

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Morel Fourman
YES: Building our capacity to lead a global Coalition for Youth Employment Case Study Meshwork. This powerpoint presents the Meshwork process with Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability from countries in Africa and South America – download pdf  

Juan Carlos Kaiten, Sonja Niederhumer, Kara Stonehouse
Large Scale Collaboration towards Sustainable Development. Magic Canoe
Thesis – download pdf
Presentation – download pdf